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Video Testimonials

“What made ROOM Real Estate and its services stand out from other options: Jayson was always available to us, compared to prior agents, it would take them a day or two before we were able to get through. We had our beautiful and unique property listed with other companies, off and on, for over a 5 year period, and we weren’t able to sell it and never got an offer. With ROOM we sold it in only 4 days! We really were satisfied with ROOM Real Estate from start to finish.”

“ROOM Real Estate is a very competent team, and we had some things happen that we weren’t expecting to happen. But to Jayson it didn’t seem to bother him. He would just smile and say, “Well, this is not my first rodeo, and here’s what we need to do to proceed”. So we did those things, and everything turned out very well, so I can’t say enough good things about ROOM Real Estate.”

Seller: Edward and Janet Noffsinger 

Selling Listing Address: 590 Rider Ridge Road, Santa Cruz

Listing Agent: Jayson Madani

“I absolutely think that ROOM Real Estate is a top-notch company to work with. They were professional, timely, and did what they said they were going to do. They provided experts for us to rely on to make our home sell for the best price we thought we could get. And also our home shined, our home was better than I expected.”

“ROOM Real Estate really helped us by selling the house from everything they offered. Everything they gave us, from the drone videos, which I’m really impressed with; the flyers taken in the house, the way the appearance of our house was, everything else was just perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

“I recommend other people to use ROOM Real Estate because they gave us the whole package. They gave us everything we wanted from start to finish. They made everything easy.”

Seller: Terri and Martin Pinkney

Selling Listing Address: 769 Via Palo Alto, Aptos, CA

Listing Agent: Jayson Madani

“I would recommend ROOM Real Estate, and the reason being is that they are extremely professional, extremely competent, extremely reactive, and absolutely a pleasure to work with. I’m a happy customer.”

Seller: Linda Lininger

Selling Listing Address: 7308 Hihn Rd, Ben Lomond, CA

Listing Agent: Jayson Madani

“Working with ROOM Real Estate has been a delight from beginning to end, from the time we got the house ready to sell, to pricing it out, to marketing it. Unbelievable how quickly the house sold, within three days of it in the market we had an accepted offer, which was over the asking price. I would say the experience has been great. I would recommend them to my friends and family and to everyone else.” 

“They go above and beyond here at ROOM Real Estate, but there’s a huge difference between Realtors. I think it matters who you choose, so that’s why I chose ROOM Real Estate. They completely circled the entire project, the whole transaction. They crossed every t and dotted every i. I would say that they are an amazing team to work with, and if I had to do another transaction, I would definitely do it with that team.”

“I definitely recommend ROOM Real Estate. My experience with them was nothing but pure joy and bliss. I have got the money that I was looking for the house and got new homeowners for the house. I couldn’t be more delighted with the family that is moving in there. It makes me feel good because I raised my family in that house.”

Seller: Elia Betbadal

Selling Listing Address: 8212 Ridgeview Dr, Ben Lomond, CA

Listing Agent: Jayson Madani

“I highly recommend ROOM Real Estate because of Jayson’s expertise and the whole team working as a team. They work really well together, and I love that. They are number 1 in the County as far as Top Sales, and on the Top 100 in the Country which that’s really impressive and when you read all the reviews they are all amazing.”

Seller: Suzanna Anderson

Selling Listing Address: 9685 Brookside Ave, Ben Lomond, CA

Listing Agent: Jayson Madani

“I tried to find the person who had the highest record within Santa Cruz County for sales this year, and that was ROOM Real Estate.”

Seller: Ryan Morrissey

Selling Listing Address: 685 Rancho Prieta Rd, Los Gatos, CA 

Listing Agents: Jayson Madani and MJ Stearns

“I found it inspiring to work with Mario because he is just the best of the best, hard-working and always kind and personable.” 

Buyer: Erin 

Buying Address: Boulder Creek Home (Anonymous)

Buyer Agent: Mario Desantis

“I have every confidence in Jenifer Gibson and ROOM Real Estate. I’ve had an incredible experience that I’ve already recommended not just ROOM Real Estate but Jenifer specifically to people who have asked me about how I was able to do both… the selling and the purchase of both homes so quickly. I think it was her expertise and her value-add that made all of that happen, so I would highly recommend both. Jenifer is amazing to work with, so if anybody gets the chance to do that, I would jump at it.”

Seller and Buyer: Nicole Napiltonia

Selling Listing Address: 911 38th Ave APT 4, Santa Cruz, CA

Listing and Buyer Agent: Jenifer Gibson

“Joe is head and shoulders above other realtors. I’ve been in this business since I was 19 years old, and he’s one of the few realtors that I have gone back to over the years time and time again.”

“What sets Joe apart is the attention to customer needs. He doesn’t sell you the property. He makes sure that the property is a good fit for you.”

Buyer: Rod Fiori

Buying Address: 385 Beel Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 

Buyer Agent: Joe Heller

“Joe’s services stand out from other options because he’s such a solid, reliable guy and an excellent communicator. He’s very articulate and extremely knowledgeable. Once you start having a conversation and talking about anything Real Estate related, whether it’s buying or selling a house or managing your property, you just know you’re in good hands.”

Buyer: Alex Chan- Kai

Buying Address: 4125 Fairway Dr, Soquel, CA

Buyer Agent: Joe Heller

“The way that ROOM Real Estate staged it… the way that ROOM was so responsive and just getting the things at home that needed to be done in a very timely manner during the holidays. ROOM Real Estate is not gonna stop with these crazy deadlines and when they have to meet them, they meet them, so thank you for that.”

Seller: Mehan Reynolds 

Listing Address: 976 E Empire St, San Jose, CA

Listing Agent: Jayson Madani

“Homebuying experience is always daunting! But ROOM Real Estate held our hands through the process, and they were able to find us homes before they got on the market because there was no inventory at the moment, so they were able to make connections and seal the deal and they did a great job.”

“Evangela made it as painless as possible to find a home. We looked at a lot of them, and we’re really happy with what we finally got. I would absolutely recommend Evie to other potential buyers.”

Buyer: Sara Iversen

Buying Address: 2605 Willowbrook Lane, Unit 43, Aptos, CA

Buyer Agent: Evangela Masih

“I absolutely felt like my needs were being met. MJ and I had a close communication the entire time and she never hesitated to give me a call or a text right back. I felt in the loop the entire time, and we were really connected to the whole process.”

“I was really thrilled because in this market you never know if you’re gonna be able to get it or it’s going to be swooped out from underneath, so it was great to be able to move fast when the time was right.”

Buyer: Dan Coley

Buying Address: Santa Cruz Home (Anonymous)

Buyer Agent: MJ Stearns

“The sale process with ROOM Real Estate was nearly effortless. This is the fifth house that we have sold in our life, and it was by far the easiest process that we have gone through.”

“ROOM Real Estate really had a genuine full-service approach. Everything from marketing materials, to the presentation of the property, staging, preparation, and advice to us as sellers. It really was distinctive and very helpful to us, particularly to the unique property we were selling.”

“I would, without reservation, recommend Jayson and his team to anyone in Santa Cruz who is looking to sell a home. If it is a unique property: it takes a unique approach and it takes unique buyers. They know these communities, they know the property, they know all the ins and outs of the insurance and lending and all the details that make a sale successful. So I could say without reservation that you would be in good hands with Jayson’s team.”

Seller: Joseph Moreau

Selling Listing Address: 27800 Big Basin Way, Boulder Creek, CA

Listing Agent: Jayson Madani

“They had great local expertise with the area, and it was a great experience buying with them, so when it came time to sell, it was no brainer for me to go with ROOM Real Estate.”

“We needed to sell our house in a hurry, so being able to just hand our keys over to ROOM Real Estate, leave the state, and not worry about a single thing was an amazing feeling. The team took care of everything, and in a very timely manner, within a few weeks, our house was on the market, and it looked amazing, and it sold that same weekend. So it was such a great experience.”

Seller: Jeff Judkins

Selling Listing Address: 589 Redwood Dr, Boulder Creek, CA

Listing Agent: Jayson Madani

“This is the first home for us and there were lots of unknowns… but ROOM Real Estate and our agent MJ made things easy. As easy as buying a home could be.”

“Persistent, knowledgeable, friendly, and just always there to guide us through and reassure us.”

Buyer: Eric & Leslie Gonzales

Buying Address: Santa Cruz Home (Anonymous)  

Buyer Agent: MJ Stearns

“My experience working with Jeana and ROOM Real Estate was 10 out of 10 stars. I mean, if I could say 11, it would be 12. It was literally that good.”

“The one thing that stood out to me the most about Jeana versus other real estate agents was that she was fully upfront, honest, committed, and you can read that from her right off the bat. I think a level of trust was established with her that I wasn’t able to establish with other real estate agents that I’ve come into contact with in the past.”

“Her narrowing our focus was one thing she was great at because she has laser focus and we were kind of everywhere.”

“Jeana’s involvement in the transaction was great, she took charge of everything basically, which is exactly what I wanted and needed. I definitely did not know what I was doing throughout the escrow process or anything that needed to be completed. She helped me and was very on top of things to the point where I didn’t have to worry about the transaction paperwork. I knew it was all taken care of because she was just that thorough.”

Buyer: Amanda Orr

Buying Address: Ben Lomond Home (Anonymous) 

Buyer Agent: Jeana Beech

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