Jayson, Maaret, and the rest of Jayson’s team are great. Jayson is a lifetime local that knows, and understands his market extremely well. And having watched him grow his business to what it is today, I knew we were hiring the hardest working realtor in Santa Cruz county. From the advice prior to listing to getting us thru some rough spots, we were never alone and Jayson worked tirelessly to get us the right buyer. Santa Cruz county is a unique place for housing with every variety of house and area to live in. And you need somebody like Jayson and his team, and their intimate knowledge of the local market to get you the right house or buyer for yours. If your looking to sell and or buy in Santa Cruz County, Madani Real Estate is your best choice. I honestly believe we would have been far less successful in selling our home in Ben Lomond had we not chosen them to list it. Many thanks to the Madani team