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You may have noticed an uptick in the popularity of houseplants in the last few years thanks to the millennial generation. This is, in part, due to them working long hours and living in urban areas. According to 88% of them live in a metropolitan area. They don’t have the time or easy access to nature. Not only do houseplants look aesthetically pleasing, they also have many benefits. Air filtration, increased productivity, reduced stress and making your living space look better are some of the major perks of having.

Draecaena Trifasciata also known as the “snake plant”.

Here is a brief list of easy to care for houseplants, for those of you who want to reap the benefits of having houseplants without having to invest too much time into them.

  • The snake plant is perfect for those with a black thumb. They are drought tolerant and can handle poor lighting.
  • Pothos, also known as the devils ivy because it is almost impossible to kill. It will stay green, even if kept in the dark.
  • Aglaonema known as the Chinese Evergreens can withstand over watering and likes low light.
  • Yucca likes a lot of sun, water sparingly.
  • Air plants don’t even need dirt to grow! Just soak them in water every 7-10 days.
  • The Ponytail Palm is pet friendly, which is a major perk for a lot of people. Its stems feed off of water reserves so it doesn’t need a lot of water.
  • Jade plants retain water in their leaves, allowing them to go without water for many days.

Some of our favorite local shops to buy houseplants are Botanic & Lux , Dig Gardens and Leaf & Vine. Want to show off your houseplant collection or need some advice about what might grow well in your house? Contact us here.

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